Clever ways to maximise space in your home

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Luke Hilton

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Wednesday 28th February 2024

Creating a more spacious and inviting home doesn't always mean relocating to a larger property. Whether your space is big or small, these helpful tips will help you maximise what you already have.

Welcoming hallways

Your hallway gives guests the first impression of your home, but it’s also often used as a functional space to keep shoes, coats and bags.

Make the most of the available space by adding a bench or small sitting area – the perfect place to sort out your shoes or hang up coats. If space is a concern, opt for wall-mounted hooks, open storage, and a large mirror to reflect light and create the illusion of more space.

Lively living rooms

A living room should be a space for the whole family to get together – but it can quickly get messy. Invest in furniture that serves a dual purpose, such as a sofa with hidden storage or a coffee table that doubles up as a desk. This maximises functionality while minimising clutter.

If space is really at a minimum, consider foldable or collapsible furniture that can be tucked away when not in use to free up valuable floor space.

Functional kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so make it functional and enjoyable. Use vertical storage in your pantry, employ drawer organisers and install a hanging pot rack to free up cupboard space. You might also want to give a magnetic spice rack a go to keep your cooking essentials organised and within reach.

It’s also a good idea to clear out out-of-date and half-eaten food items regularly to make room for new tasty treats.

Tidy bathrooms

Maximise the often-overlooked bathroom space by adding open shelving and baskets beneath the sink and behind the door. A shoe organiser can be a cheap and cheerful way to keep makeup, combs, brushes, jewellery, and more in order.

Tranquil bedrooms

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat by making the most of your wardrobe space. Store out-of-season clothing in under-bed storage bins and purchase organisers that separate different types of clothing, accessories, shoes, and other items.

Why not install a floating nightstand, too? This will keep the bedroom looking and feeling open and inviting while providing space for bedside essentials.

Productive home offices

Provide ample storage in your home office by investing in desk organisers and file drawer accessories in different styles and colours to suit the preferences of everyone in your family.

If you don’t have a dedicated home office sorted just yet, why not turn an underused corner of your living room or bedroom into an office? You just need to find space for a desk, place some open shelves above it – and voila.

Your choice of lighting can be powerful, too – use a mix of different lighting to create a bright and productive atmosphere.

Garage transformations

Reconsider your garage's purpose. Get rid of all those bits and pieces you relegated to the garage to remove it from your main living space – you’ll be surprised how much clutter you can clear.

Next, it’s time to install overhead racks for suitcases, sports and gardening equipment, and seasonal decorations. Finally, a functioning, organised garage!

Tidy gardens

Focus on enhancing your home’s curb appeal by maintaining a tidy lawn, weed-free flowerbeds and an inviting entryway.

If you have limited outdoor space, consider a vertical garden solution on your fence to grow herbs or small plants – it adds a touch of greenery without sacrificing ground space.

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