How to report fraud to Novuna Personal Finance

If you have been a recent victim of fraud, it's important to report the incident as soon as possible to allow our fraud specialists to investigate and find the most suitable resolution.

Call the Novuna Personal Finance team

Our lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Please select option 2 to report fraud to our team.

Call 0344 375 5500

Email our fraud specialists

You may prefer to report fraud directly to our fraud specialists. Please share as much information as you can.

Email us

Complete our fraud questionnaire

A member of our team will review the information provided and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Complete questionnaire

Spotted a suspicious email?

If the email relates to Novuna, please forward it to

For anything else, forward the email to to be investigated by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Received a suspicious message or text?

If the communication relates to Novuna, please report it using the details above.

Report any other texts or messages you feel may be fraudulent by forwarding them to 7726. Your phone provider will then be able to investigate further.

How to recognise if you've been a victim of fraud

You may not always know if you've been a victim of fraud or fallen for a scam. Some of the tell-tale signs to look out for include:

  • Unusual transactions on your bank or credit card statement
  • Bills from providers you don't recognise
  • Monthly bills you're expecting never arrive
  • Random account login attempts on your computer or mobile 
  • Applications that you don't recognise appearing on your credit report 
  • You're unreasonably rejected for credit despite having a previously good credit history 
  • You're receiving unusual amounts of unsolicited calls, emails, messages or letters 

Other steps to take if you've been a victim of fraud

It can be extremely distressing to realise you've been a victim of fraud. Here are some of the actions to consider to keep you and your information safe, and to ensure the incident is thoroughly investigated.

Report it to your bank

If you're concerned a fraudster may have your bank account details, report it to the associated bank as soon as possible.

Contact Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre. Use their reporting tool or call 0300 123 2040 to report fraud.

Apply for protective registration

Applying for protective registration may reduce the risk of identity fraud. Visit the Cifas website for more information.

Reset your password

If a fraudster has access to your computer or personal information, it's important to reset your passwords as soon as possible and update your anti-virus software.

Check your credit report

You may wish to check your credit report more frequently or subscribe to a credit report monitoring service, to spot if any fraudulent applications have been made in your name.

Emergency reporting

If you've transferred money within the last 24 hours to someone you now believe to be a fraudster, report it to the police on 101.

Report fraud by filling out our quick questionnaire

To get started, please select which option best represents the fraudulent activity you feel you have been a victim of.

3rd Party Fraud

Your identity or personal details have been used to obtain finance without your consent or knowledge.

Family Fraud

A family member has used your personal details to obtain finance without your consent or knowledge.

Investment Scam

You may have responded to an online advert for cryptocurrency or been contacted out of the blue about an investment scheme, and may have even taken out a loan to fund an investment.

Romance scam

You may have believed you were in an online relationship with someone who asked for financial help. They may have promised to pay you back or meet in person, but you haven't heard from them.

Remote access scam

You may have handed over control of a device remotely, giving full control to a criminal who has then harvested information or gained access to your credit file or bank account.

Help us improve

We welcome your feedback to help us make the fraud reporting process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Together, we can help future customers deal with fraud and stop scammers in their tracks.