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Whether you’re on the lookout for a loan, you’ve had a Novuna personal loan for a little while now, or you're considering taking out finance with one of our retail partners, we’re here to help.

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Our experienced team are available to help with…

  • General account queries
  • Making payments, making overpayments or settling your agreement early
  • Supporting you if you’re experiencing financial difficulties
  • New applications
  • Reporting fraud

Help and support for new customers

Looking to take out a new loan? You can apply online within minutes or call 0343 351 9112 to open a new application by telephone. You’ll get an instant decision on your application and, if accepted, once you’ve signed your credit agreement the money could be yours within just two working days.

We can also help if you’re looking to spread the cost of a purchase from your favourite brand. We work with thousands of retailers across the UK to offer you a range of finance options. Simply apply directly in-store or online.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan allows you to borrow the money you need and pay it back over a series of monthly instalments. Our personal loans are:

  • Fixed rate: your monthly repayments will stay the same
  • Unsecured: you don’t need to put up collateral
  • Low interest: from just 7.4% APR Representative (£7,500-£25,000)
  • Flexible: borrow from £1,000 to £35,000
  • Easy to manage: overpay or settle your loan at any time

FAQs for new loan customers

Help and support for existing customers

It’s easy to look after your Novuna Personal Finance loan. You can manage your account online, use our app or speak to our team.

Check your balance and view your transaction history, make payments, update your personal information or payment details, get a settlement quote and pay off your agreement in full whenever you like.

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Check your balance, make payments, change your payment date, update your information, review your payment details and much more.

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Get in touch

Our award-winning Customer Experience team are available to answer all general queries. Lines open Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), 9am to 5pm.

Call 0344 375 5500

Money worries

Please talk to us as soon as possible if you have any questions about your repayments. We’re here to support you and will work with you to find a solution.

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Can I top up my loan?

Eligible personal loan customers may be able to borrow more with Novuna. Get a personalised rate and compare the cost of our top up or additional loan options with no impact to your credit score

Check your online account, open the app or speak to our team to find out if you qualify.

Worried about your repayments?

We understand money isn’t always easy to talk about. But if you’re feeling concerned about your financial situation please reach out to our team. Together, we’ll talk through your payment support options and find a solution that suits you. Please be aware that these options may have an impact on your credit file, as arrears will be reported to Credit Reference Agencies.

You can now also complete our income and expenditure questionnaire online to find out what repayment plans may be appropriate and affordable for you.

Debt management support

There are a number of organisations that offer free debt advice. Whether you’re looking for general help or advice on a specific issue, we recommend reaching out to the following organisations:

StepChangeMoneyHelperNational DebtlineCitizens Advice

FAQs for existing customers

You may be able to find the answer you’re looking for in our frequently asked questions. View all FAQs here.