Converting your cellar or loft

Written by

Luke Hilton

Luke Hilton is a Warrington-based email content writer and designer in the financial services industry. He enjoys mixing analytics and creativity and can usually be found with his head buried in stats, piecing together the patterns that make good content. In his spare time, the drive to figure things out continues with what can only be described as a love-hate relationship with DIY. With a keen love of the outdoors, Luke is usually up a mountain somewhere or in his garden growing his own oasis.

Friday 24th June 2022

When we consider creating more space in our homes, we automatically think of extensions. But they can be costly, and we often have the space already going to waste if we really think about it.

That’s why we have put together a list of ways you can make the most of your existing loft or cellar, over and above the standard extra bedroom.

Cinema room
Cellars and lofts can be pretty dark spaces due to the very nature of where they sit within the house, so they make the perfect environment for a cinema room. Install permanent seating, a big screen and a drinks trolley to hold refreshments and snacks. You could even invest in a popcorn machine. The kids will love it and it will save you a lot of money in the long run – family cinema trips don’t come cheap these days!

For a more adult-focused area, why not build a bespoke bar? Somewhere to retire to when the kids have gone to bed and entertain friends. If you have good views, you could consider a floor to ceiling window in your loft space, which would drown the room with light for those afternoon sessions.

If you work from home and don’t already have a separate space to do this from, what are you waiting for? Being able to turn off your computer and retire away to a completely different part of the house is priceless. You can make a really cool office space, somewhere you want to go as well as somewhere you can focus in the peace and quiet.

Get a helping hand
If you need a helping hand to make some serious improvements to your loft or cellar, check out our low-cost home improvement loans. Available between £1,000 and £35,000 with rates as low as just 7.4% APR Representative (£7,500-£25,000).

Sick of the kids’ toys clogging up every room in the house? Us too. So why not create a playroom? The benefits are countless, they will love having a place to call their own, you can keep their toys mostly out of their bedroom so that’s a more calming space (where they’re not tempted to get up and play at 10pm), and you’ll regain LOADS of space for yourselves.

Games room
For the big kids, how about a games room? Think pool table, air hocket, old school pinball machines – whatever takes your fancy! It’s a great way of encouraging older children such as teenagers to spend time with the family and they can show it off to their friends too.

Sleepover den
If your kids love having their friends over to stay but you don’t like having your living room taken over by excitable children, a sleepover den could be very handy. Cellars and lofts are very cosy spaces, so get some floor beds, a tipi and plenty of fairy lights – et voila!

Spa room
Finally, if all that action just isn’t the one for you, consider creating a spa space. Somewhere you can go to relax in luxurious hot tub style bath and pamper yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.