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Wednesday 27th April 2022

Make the most of your outdoor space by adding a fabulous room that you can enjoy all year long, regardless of the weather. Whether for work, pleasure, or just entertaining, this is the perfect way to create a place you'll enjoy without the hassle of moving.

Garden rooms have long been a popular alternative for homeowners who want to make the most of their outdoor space while also adding a touch of luxury to their lives. As many of us find ourselves spending more time at home and in need of extra space, this is an ideal solution.

So, whether you want a small hobby room, a home office, or your very own garden bar, we've put together a list of our favourite ideas to help you make the most of your space.

Hobby Room

Make the ideal environment for you to enjoy in your creative pursuits and hobbies without taking up valuable room in your home. Away from the hustle and bustle of family life and job, your new space can be a great place for you to focus on everything you want to accomplish. It's also a perfect location for the children to get their hands dirty with paints and crafts.

Home Office

The pandemic introduced the world to working from home and accelerated in the establishment of the trend for garden rooms to be used as home offices, and manufacturers have responded rapidly.

For many, our homes have become offices, and as a result, our need for space has increased. Working from home is becoming more common as businesses adapt and become more flexible, leaving many wanting for a space of privacy, peace, and fewer interruption.

Home Gym

Many of us have never returned to the gym after lockdown restrictions were lifted, preferring to workout at home. A garden room converted into a gym or exercise room is the ideal solution. It saves money on fees and travel time while also providing the perfect place for creating a personalised training routine.

If you want to use your new room as a home gym, you may need to integrate additional features into the design. Reinforced roof or floor joists to support the weight of the gym equipment, punchbags, weights, and kettlebells could be among them.

A garden room can also be an excellent area for yoga, Pilates, or meditation.


Companies are developing modular buildings ideally suited to creating bespoke studios for art, photography or music, or a business run from home, such as counselling or dog grooming. or even be used as an Airbnb, subject to insurance and planning permission if required. A reputable garden room company will always advise on the legal side of things.

You need an all-weather, insulated space with power and lighting to create a warm, welcoming environment that also ticks all the health and safety boxes. You may also need to budget for soundproofing, privacy blinds and additional security features such as a remote-controlled intruder alarm.

Garden bar or pub

Times have changed since garden sheds were labelled as "man caves" with worn-out armchairs, a beer fridge and an old tv.

There are a few things to consider if you want to use your garden room as an outdoor bar or pub:

  • Location - do you want to be next to the kitchen or tucked away in a peaceful part of the garden?

  • Shade - If your garden faces south, install a covering so you can sit outside in comfort on nice sunny afternoons.

  • Furnishings - Modular outdoor furniture can be configured in a variety of different ways to accommodate the number of guests and optimise floor space.

Multi-generational living

Garden rooms are a great way to keep the family together so that they can continue to care and support each other, whilst each being able to keep their independence.

Younger parents are also opting to move in with their grown children to provide childcare for grandchildren.

When garden rooms are meant for permanent occupancy, planning permission rules may apply, so always get advice from the supplier.

Reading nook

If you don't have enough room indoors for a reading nook, why not look for a spot outside?

A garden room, or maybe a circular garden pod, will have more than enough room for you to enjoy some quality reading time.

A cosy hideaway can be easily created with a few well-chosen pieces of furniture, lighting, and textiles.

Bringing in a large mirror as a finishing touch is a fantastic way to 'borrow' light and bounce it around in smaller rooms, and it will provide a unique sense of grandeur to your sanctuary.

Home spa

Many of us dream about having our own personal home spa complete with a sauna, steam room or hot tub we can use all year round.

Keeping your garden colour scheme neutral is an easy approach to create a relaxing ambience for your outdoor spa, and choosing soft, delicate flashes of colour, such as light yellows and blues, will keep the area from becoming intrusive.

Limit your plants to green and cream colours and go for a simple layout – green is the best colour for relaxation and works well all year.

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