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Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid is a financial services expert with over eight years of experience writing money-saving articles at Novuna Personal Finance. She has written hundreds of articles on a variety of topics including interior design, home improvements and weddings - with a keen eye for spotting money-saving opportunities and passing these tips onto readers. As a mum of two, Stephanie knows how important budgeting effectively is for parents and often incorporates family budgeting tips into her guides.

Monday 27th June 2022

Getting married abroad, as well as being very exciting, can also often be a sensible financial decision. Despite relatively expensive travel to get there, the day itself can be a lot more cost effective abroad than it would be in the UK. But if you want to make sure it stays that way, follow these top tips for keeping costs to a minimum.

1. Choose your destination carefully

If you don’t already have your heart set on somewhere specific, a destination with a generally low cost of living when compared to the UK will give you more bang for your buck, so look around and keep that in mind when choosing.

2. Pick a venue on the outskirts of tourist hotspots for a bargain

Once you have a destination in mind, look for venues on the outskirts to avoid paying over the odds. Venues in tourist hotspots know how to hike up prices to get as much as they can, so try to avoid that trap. If you’re having to do a ceremony in the UK before or after to make it official, you can always look at less traditional venues too and have a blessing ceremony, which will help widen your search.

3. Invest in a good wedding planner

In the UK, a wedding planner is a luxury most can’t afford or choose not to pay for, but abroad we think they’re a must. Not only will it take care of any miscommunication due to language barriers, but they will also understand what paperwork needs to be completed beforehand, which could save you hours of research – your time is priceless!

4. Watch out for payment fees

Do your research when it comes to paying for suppliers so you don’t get caught out by terrible exchange rates or transaction fees.

5. Go local

Look for local suppliers of food and wine. Not only will it give your wedding a more authentic feel, but it could save you some serious cash.

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6. Think about flowers

Flowers can really give a wedding venue the wow factor, but they can be expensive so it’s important you use your head when deciding how big to go. Firstly, they tend to go to waste after the actual day, especially abroad as you can’t take them home or hand them out to loved ones as you might do in the UK.

Secondly, try to stick to seasonal, local blooms to keep costs down. You can ask for anything and your florist will likely bend over backwards to get you what you want, but you may end up paying over the odds without realising that there’s much cheaper alternatives available.

7. Think digital

Save on save the dates and invitations by sending them out electronically.

8. Don’t skip on insurance

It’s tempting to give it a miss if you’re on a budget, but it could save you BIG money in the worst-case scenario, so in the grand scheme of things it’s worth getting it to protect yourself.

9. Forget favours

Speak to any wedding stylist, planner or co-ordinator and they all tell you the same thing; wedding favours are a waste of money. Most get left behind, and even those that don’t, anecdotally wouldn’t be missed, so don’t spend your money on them.

10. Gifts

Be sure to include a message on your invitation about gifts. Though a lovely gesture, you may need additional baggage to get them home which could end up costing you. Cash or gift cards may be a better option, so make sure your guests know this in case they do intend on giving you a little something.

11. Consider extra costs

When getting married abroad, there are additional costs to think about that you wouldn’t have with a local one. Flights, of course, but there are other things to think about too, such as extra luggage for transporting wedding dress and suit, a wedding planner and getting your guests from the ceremony to the reception if they’re in different location. Make sure you factor these costs in so they don’t creep up on you later.