Package holidays versus planning your own

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Friday 21st June 2024

If you’re planning on jetting off on a last-minute holiday this summer, you may be wondering whether you should opt for an all-in-one package holiday or plan your own adventure.

A package holiday includes flights and accommodation all booked through a travel agent or tour operator whereas a DIY break is booked entirely by yourself, with different aspects of the holiday booked separately.

We share just some of the things you need to consider to help you make the most of your trip (and your budget!)

The benefits of booking your own adventure

1. Greater flexibility

You can choose every aspect of your trip when you book it yourself. Treat yourself to that five-star hotel you’ve been following on Instagram or pick the most convenient flight time for your family.

A DIY holiday allows you to create that truly bespoke experience - perfect for those who love to get stuck into holiday research! Discover hidden gems or the most popular tourist hotspots to develop an itinerary that suits you down to a tee.

2. Manage your own budget

Whilst a package holiday might work out cheaper all in all, you don’t have control over where the money’s being spent. You might prefer to book a cheaper hotel but splash out on meals and excursions – or perhaps you want a luxury hotel but you’re willing to save some cash by opting for the cheapest possible flight?

Booking the whole trip yourself allows you to be much more flexible with your budget.

3. Only pay for what you want

You might not want every aspect of a package holiday. For example, if you prefer getting out and about on your holidays, you’re unlikely to make the most of the hotel pool. And why pay premium prices for an all-inclusive package if you’d prefer to find local culinary gems instead?

Consider the value for money you’d get from a package holiday versus only buying experiences you actually want – you might find a DIY trip is more suitable for you.

4. Seek out unique experiences

On the lookout for something a little different? You may prefer to put a trip together yourself as more unusual accommodation, such as independent hotels or self-catering cottages, may be trickier to secure as part of a package deal.

Plus, if you’re planning to hop from place to place, you’ll want to sort out a different hotel for each destination you explore. This is much simpler to do if you book the full trip yourself.

The benefits of package holidays

1. Convenience

Organising flights, accommodation, meals and activities can be stressful. Opt for a package holiday and almost all aspects of your trip are taken care of in one go.

This’ll save you loads of time researching, comparing and booking different elements of your holiday. Plus, you’ll likely have a travel agent on-hand to help you answer any questions along the way.

2. Easier to find cheaper options

Package holidays do tend to be cheaper than booking each part of the holiday separately as travel agents often secure deals with airlines or hotels. You can save time bargain hunting by booking your flights and accommodation through the same travel agent or operator.

3. Better protection

Package holidays tend to be protected by ATOL, which means that you’ll be fully refunded if the travel company, hotel or airline you’re booked with goes into administration.

It’s worth keeping in mind that your insurance should also protect you if you include end supplier failure cover. So, if you do decide to DIY your holiday booking, make sure you have a suitable level of travel insurance in place.

4. Caters to specific audiences

Many package holidays are catered specifically towards certain demographics, which can be ideal if you’re looking for a fuss-free holiday that’s almost tailor-made for you.

For example, family package holidays often include activities for kids rolled into the deal. This could be ideal for families wanting to jet off somewhere sunny without worrying about how to entertain the little ones.

Similarly, there are travel companies that focus on providing unforgettable experiences for solo travellers, making it easier and more cost effective for those travelling on their own.

How to spread the cost of your trip

Cost is one of the biggest concerns holidaymakers have about booking their own trip. When budget is one of your top priorities, it can be tempting to just go for the option you can afford upfront.

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