Cheapest time of the year for home improvements

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Friday 10th May 2024

If you’re thinking about making some home improvements this year, one of the easiest ways to save money is to book in tradespeople at their quietest times of the year. It can often work out cheaper this way as the market is less competitive.

In this guide, you can find out when to carry out your home improvements to save yourself some cash.

January: Give your garden a makeover

Job: Landscape your garden

Time of year the job is usually done: March

Think New Year, new garden, whether your lawn just needs a tidy or you’re launching a large-scale landscaping project.

Gardeners typically get busier towards the end of spring and into summer so, if your garden needs a refresh, January’s the time to get it sorted. Read our guide on creating the perfect garden for some inspiration.

February: Pre-spring clean

Job: Deep clean your home

Time of year the job is usually done: December

We tend to deep clean our homes when we know guests are coming round, which is usually around the festive season. And, of course, the very name ‘spring clean’ suggests that March and April are the perfect times to get your cleaning gloves on.

If you’re planning to get the cleaners in for a one-off deep clean, why not opt for early February instead? Hopefully the days of muddy boots will soon be behind you, and you can look forward to the spring weather knowing your house is spotless.

March: Spruce up your exterior

Job: Exterior paintwork

Time of year the job is usually done: August

Spring is the perfect time of year to paint the exterior of your home. The weather will hopefully be just right – not too cold, and not too warm either – providing the ideal drying conditions for paint.

Why not get the exterior of your home looking ship-shape ahead of the summer, ready to throw open your doors and entertain guests?

April: De-clutter your gutter

Job: Clear guttering

Time of year the job is usually done: October

As tempting as it is to clear your gutters after all the leaves have fallen, waiting until spring will allow the worst of the weather to pass so that you can complete this job safely.

It's worth considering clearing your gutters at least twice a year to prevent excessive build-up of debris and blockages too.

May: Extend your living space

Job: Plan in a house extension

Time of year the job is usually done: June, July or August

Contractors usually favour the summer months for work that needs to be done outside, such as home extensions. However, by choosing late spring you can get a head start and take advantage of (hopefully) mild weather. Do keep in mind that spring is still a busy time for tradespeople so plan many months in advance to secure your booking.

June: Get a new roof

Job: Repair or replace your roof

Time of year the job is usually done: November

You might only start thinking about your roof when the colder weather is on the horizon, but you’ll find roofers typically at their busiest over the autumn months.

It’s best to fix or repair your roof when it’s dry and not too windy, which is usually during the summer months.

July: Don't be left out in the cold

Job: Repair or replace your boiler

Time of year the job is usually done: October

During the warmer weather, our boilers aren’t working as hard and are therefore less likely to need repairs. So, if you’re looking to fix or replace a boiler, you’ll find it far easier to get the appointment slot you want in the summer. It could even be more cost-effective to replace or repair a boiler when the market is less competitive.

It’s recommended to get your boiler serviced at least once a year, too, so try to get that booked in when boiler engineers are less likely to be busy.

August: Things are heating up in the kitchen

Job: Fit a new kitchen

Time of year the job is usually done: May

If you’re planning on hosting guests over the festive season but want to dazzle them with a brand-new kitchen, you’ll need to get it fitted over the summer months. While early summer is likely to be more expensive, you could get a better deal by booking in contractors later in the season.

September: Refresh your interior

Job: Paint rooms

Time of year the job is usually done: July

It might be more convenient to paint and decorate during the summer holidays, but late summer or early autumn can provide ideal conditions to help paint dry. You might also find it beneficial to get your painting done while you can still take advantage of the long summer evenings, whether you’re a keen DIYer or you’re planning on calling the professionals in.

October: Get new windows for the winter months

Job: Replace your windows

Time of year the job is usually done: April or May

It might feel strange to replace your windows just as the cold weather is starting to set in. But you could make some serious savings by having your windows repaired or replaced during the “off-season”, which is typically autumn or wintertime.

Plus, getting all-new double glazed windows just in time for winter could be a smart move, helping to keep your home cosy, warm and energy-efficient.

November: Make a splash

Job: Remodel your bathroom

Time of year the job is usually done: July

The late autumn or winter months could be the most cost-effective times to remodel your bathroom. Your tradesperson’s calendar is likely to be quieter in the winter months, so you won’t be paying premium prices getting your bathroom fitted. This means you could find your job gets finished off quicker, too.

Don’t forget you’re likely to be without a bathroom for a little while (which is why people try to get this work done while they’re away over the summer) so make sure you have an alternative option lined up.

December: Give your home a boost

Job: Update your energy efficiency

Time of year the job is usually done: October

It’s usual to change your lightbulbs in October when the clocks change, but you could make a much bigger difference to your home’s aesthetic (and energy efficiency) by updating your light fixtures in December. You’ll be able to notice the difference straightaway, as you snuggle in for those long winter evenings in your cosy well-lit haven.

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