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Tuesday 7th May 2024

Did you spot Novuna Personal Finance on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway recently? As part of the ‘Win The Ads’ challenge, we offered thousands in cash prizes for lucky winners to spend on home improvement projects.

Home improvement projects are always popular at this time of year, and we’ve seen a rise in the number of customers looking to borrow the money they need to kick-start their exciting new renovations. With almost as many reasons to fix up your home as there are projects to choose from, you may be thinking of doing the same.

Courageous contestants appearing on Saturday Night Takeaway were given the opportunity to win some cash to spruce up their homes... but they had to answer a tricky question correctly to bag the prize.

We’d like to say a massive congratulations all our winners. Here's a little bit about them, along with the questions they got right to take home our fantastic prizes. Check out the answers at the end of this blog to find out if you would have won the ads!

Grace from Sheffield beat the ‘Win The Ads’ challenge on 23rd March 2024. As the proud recipient of our first £5,000 cash prize, she's focusing on increasing the comfort of her home.

Although there are many great reasons to improve your home, your own comfort and enjoyment should never be overlooked. With so many of us spending a lot of time working and living at home, creating a practical, relaxing space is more important than ever. Plus, you'd be surprised how much value you could add to your home by making some simple improvements.

Win the Ads question:

Ahead of the Olympics in Paris, Britain's most successful female Olympian announced her retirement from cycling. Who is it?

Laura Kenny or Victoria Pendleton?

Donna from Bolton was our second winner, taking home another £5,000 to spend on her house.

Her specific goal was to use this money to update her main bathroom to improve her home’s value. Our research shows that over half of Brits want to update their bathroom, with 86% of those looking to move homes hunting for a brand-new bathroom when viewing properties.

So just like Donna, you may want to complete projects that help get you the most interest from prospective house buyers. Updating the kitchen or bathroom is usually where most people see the best gains, with research suggesting a new bathroom can add up to 5% to your home's value.

Win the Ads question: 

A legendary rock band has sold its back catalogue and likeness to the Swedish company behind ABBA Voyage for a reported fee of over £300m, but which band was it?

Guns N' Roses or Kiss?

To mark the last ever Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, we wanted to end on a high. So on 13th April we doubled our prize to a whopping £10,000.

Natasha from Birmingham was the lucky winner this time, taking home a combined haul of prizes worth a staggering £250k.

With our help, Natasha is hoping to update her home’s style. An older home can have a dated look that makes it less attractive to buyers or can look more plain than upscale. Updating your home’s style can be a whim based on new trends or a way to prepare a house for sale. The best bet is to use timeless styles that send the message of sophistication.

Win the Ads question: 

After 352 days, British man Russ Cook, also known as Hardest Geezer, completed his challenge of running the entire length of which continent for charity?

Europe or Africa?

Thinking of renovating your home this summer?

You might have missed your chance to win a cash prize on Saturday Night Takeaway but, if you're wanting to do up your home sooner, a personal loan could help you to spread the cost.

With Novuna Personal Finance, you could borrow from £1,000 to £35,000 at low rates starting from 7.4% (£7,500-£25,000).

Check out our online loan calculator to get a quote and start planning your home improvement project.

'Win the Ads' questions

Answer to question one: Laura Kenny

Answer to question two: Kiss

Answer to question three: Africa

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