7 reasons to renovate your garden this summer

With the summer season on the horizon, we’re all getting ready to fire up the barbeque and enjoy some al-fresco dining. In fact, recent research tells us that over half of Brits say BBQs are the best thing about summer!

You may be getting your garden ready to entertain guests, but there are loads of other reasons to revamp your outdoor space.

1. Enjoy more time outdoors

Studies show that spending time in nature is good for both our physical and mental health. But an uninspiring garden just isn’t going to encourage you to venture out.

Think about what could make your garden a special space for you and your family. You might want to build decking for the ideal outdoor dining spot or nurture a colourful flowerbed to add vibrancy. Our guide on how to create your perfect garden is packed full of tips, from how to plan your project to simple garden renovation projects that can make a big difference.

2. Support wildlife

A garden that helps nature to thrive also creates an interesting space that welcomes all sorts of wildlife.

You don’t have to turn your back on a functional space to welcome nature in. Small touches such as avoiding pesticides, growing pollinator-friendly plants, adding a few bird feeders or building a bug hotel can transform your garden. Or, if you really want to rewild your garden, consider adding a garden pond or leaving a small patch of your garden unmowed so it grows naturally.

Allow other creatures to enjoy your outdoor space, and you’ll enjoy it all the more too.

3. Increase your property value

Research suggests that a perfectly pruned outdoor space can add up to 20% to the value of your home, so it’s well worth looking after your garden.

House buyers are particularly interested in a quality patio or paved area, secured fencing and outdoor storage space so it could be worth prioritising these improvements over a major landscaping project if your main goal is to add value to your property.

4. Create functional spaces

Of course you’ll want your garden to look great, but it needs to suit your practical needs too. Now’s your opportunity to create a garden that can really make a difference to your day-to-day. You might be a keen cook who’d love a herb garden, or perhaps you have kids who’d enjoy their own play area or sandpit.

One of the main benefits of renovating your garden is having the opportunity to tailor it to suit your lifestyle and your family’s needs.

5. Extend your home

Garden rooms are one of the most popular home and garden trends, driven by the number of people embracing hybrid working over recent years. If you’re hoping to really make the most of your outdoor space, then it may well be worth investing in a garden room. Remember, you don’t have to turn it into an office – you may wish to create a home gym, play den for the kids or even a garden pub!

Head over to our garden room ideas guide for inspiration on what added features or functionality you might need.

6. Spark a new hobby

Horticultural Trades Association research tells us that 75% of British adults have access to a private garden, yet only 42% of Brits say they enjoy gardening in their spare time. Renovating your outdoor space could ignite your passion for gardening, giving you a great new hobby to enjoy.

Gardening is not only an interesting and enriching pastime, but it can also improve your general sense of wellbeing too. According to research by the RHS, those who garden every day have stress levels 4.2% lower than people who don’t garden at all.

If you have little ones, there are loads of garden activities you can try with your kids to get them interested in the great outdoors too.

7. Give your garden parties the wow-factor

Host friends and family in your revamped outdoor space. Whether you install new decking or upcycle your own garden furniture, there are loads of ways to get your garden party ready.

You could choose to host a BBQ bonanza, an outdoor cinema experience, or even a DIY sports day to bring back a touch of nostalgia. Whatever you choose, a newly transformed garden gives you the perfect excuse to get those invites out!

Renovate your garden sooner with a personal loan

Are you sprucing up your outdoor space this summer? According to the experts, it can cost between £5,000 and £10,000 to remodel your garden. If you don’t want to wait to save up – or prefer to keep your nest egg in tact – you may wish to apply for a home renovation loan to get your hands on the money you need sooner.

Take a look at our guide to find out more about the different ways to fund your next home improvement project.


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Monday 13th May 2024