Easter activity ideas for the whole family

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Robert Stebbings

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Monday 3rd April 2023

Spring has sprung and families across the UK are getting ready for the Easter holidays. To help you make the most of the spring sunshine and find fun ways to entertain the whole family, we’ve put together a guide packed with Easter activity ideas.

Let’s hop to it…

Egg-cellent ideas for the little ones

Entertaining toddlers and young children over Easter? Here are our top Easter activity ideas:

  • Create an Easter egg hunt at home. Hide lots of tasty treats around the house and create a series of clues for your kids to follow. Each egg they find could come with a task they need to complete to win their reward, such as singing a silly tune or hopping across the room like a bunny, to make the activity a bit more fun. If you have a big group taking part, split into two or three teams and take part in an Easter egg hunt relay instead.
  • Host the Easter Olympics. With a spring twist on classic sports day games, you can keep the kids entertained for the whole afternoon. Think bunny sack races, bean bag toss (with plastic eggs replacing the bean bags), and of course an egg and spoon race.
  • Get crafty. Decorating eggs can be a great way to keep everyone engaged during a rainy day – you could make it even more challenging by transforming your eggs into your favourite celebrities. To help you get started, BBC Good Food has a handy guide on how to prepare your eggs ready for decorating.
  • Make decorations for your Easter feast! You could each design your own placemat or make hanging decorations for an Easter tree display, helping to add a more personal touch to the dinner table.
  • Go egg dipping! Dunk some coloured plastic eggs into a bath and let your little ones experiment with the best ways to pick them out of the water, similar to the classic Hook a Duck.

Have a cracking time with the teens

Take some time away from gadgets and screens with these teen-friendly activities.

  • Get out and about as a family. Whether you go for a local walk or head out on your bikes, spend some time together phone-free! You could make things more interesting by setting up an Easter egg hunt for older kids. Instead of hunting for chocolate, attach a reward to the egg instead (for example, control of the remote for an evening or a takeaway of their choice).
  • Make stuffed Easter eggs. Carefully cut a large chocolate Easter egg in half and stuff it with your favourite fillings. From homemade brownies to cheesecake, there are loads of ways to get creative. You could even host a Bake Off-style competition to decide on your star baker!
  • Take on the Easter flour toss trend. Fill a plastic egg with flour and take it in turns to throw the egg to one another, taking a step back every time you catch the egg to make it a bit more tricky. The one who drops the eggs will get covered in flour, so always head to the garden for this one!
  • Pick your own veg for Easter dinner. Find your nearest PYO field or farm shop and take the whole family to choose the veg you need for your Easter feast. From carrots and potatoes to currants and berries, your big kids can literally pick out their favourite foods for dinner.
  • Host a movie marathon. Challenge your teens to come up with some Easter-themed films such as ‘Hop’ and set your living room up to be your very own luxury cinema complete with fizzy drinks, popcorn and plenty of chocolate.

Try these im-peck-able grown-up Easter activities

Easter doesn’t always have to be about the little ones. Enjoy an adult-only Easter with these fun ideas.

  • Everyone’s heard of Secret Santa – but what about Secret Bunny? Instead of buying a chocolate egg for all your friends and family, why not pool all your names together and pick one to create an Easter hamper for? If you’re all on a budget, ask everyone to buy their gift-ee a silly Easter-themed gift that’s small enough to fit into a plastic Easter egg. You’ll keep all of the fun of Easter without breaking the bank!
  • Crack open the drinks cupboard and make some Easter-inspired mocktails and cocktails. If you have guests coming over, why not design your very own cocktail menu that’s sure to impress?
  • What are long weekends for if you can’t get out and about? Plan an Easter-inspired picnic to enjoy in the park or at the beach with friends. Make an afternoon of it by planning some outdoor games, like egg toss or an egg and spoon race.
  • If you’re feeling green fingered over the long weekend, take the opportunity to give your garden a spring refresh. Plant some gorgeous flowers that’ll bring a smile to your face every time you step outside.
  • Host an Easter potluck party. This is a great way to get all your guests involved (and helps to keep the cost of hosting down). Ask each of your guests to bring their favourite spring dish. You’ll end up with a huge feast of different flavours – and loads of new recipes for you to try yourself later!

Looking for even more inspiration to help you make the most of your time together as a family? Our budget-friendly holiday activity ideas could be just what you’re looking for.

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