Safe summer driving guide

Written by

Hannah Denton

Hannah Denton is a Strategic Sales Manager at Novuna Vehicle Solutions. In a previous role, she was the overall winner of Autocar's Great Women: Rising Stars 2021 award.

Friday 24th June 2022

We all know that driving during the winter months can be hazardous, but that doesn’t mean things are plain sailing in summer.

Here we look at the potential risks to avoid when driving in warmer weather.

Be aware of road works
The roads take a battering during winter meaning there’s plenty of potholes and other damage to fix when the weather improves. Add in the appetite for doing further road enhancements while the days are longer and that’s a lot of roadworks, which can cause issues.

Top up your tyres
Tyres are a key element of road safety in winter as good tread to grip when in slippy conditions such as snow and ice are essential. But did you know in summer they can be just as crucial to get right? Under inflated tyres are at risk of blowing when the road surface is warm due to friction.

Busier roads
Summer sees more cars on the road thanks to holidays and more people heading out and about. The more cars on the road, the greater the risk, so make sure you’re taking extra precautions and leaving extra time for journeys to avoid rushing.

Look for bikers
The nice weather means car drivers are more likely to swap them for their motorbikes or bicycles, which can be hazardous, so make sure you’re double checking for bikes.

Just like us, our cars can get dehydrated. Make sure your engine has coolant to help it avoid overheating.

Hay fever
Hay fever is back with a vengeance this year and it can make driving difficult. Try using your aircon that circulates internal air to ensure it’s not pulling in fresh pollen. Many hay fever medication can cause drowsiness, so catch a lift if you need to take them.