The best car to suit your needs

Written by

Stephanie Reid

Monday 16th May 2022

The best car to suit your needs

Looking for your next car but not quite sure what to go for? We’ve put together a round up of the best cars for 2022, whatever your needs.

Best for families

A good family car is not always easy to come by. Not only does it need to be spacious, functional, and full of all the mod cons to make long journeys together more enjoyable (ok, bearable!) you also need to be able to relax knowing that your family are safe.

Top 3 Which? recommendations for family cars

  1. Lexus RX

With a 78% test score, compared to the average 64%, the Lexus RX is 2022 top pick for family car. It scored 5 stars on safety, reliability, and seat comfort.

  1. Toyota RAV4

Next up, with an impressive test score of 74%, the Toyota RAV4. Called out for being comfortable and easy to drive with the added benefit of being a hybrid and therefore low in CO2 emissions.

  1. BMW X1

In a respectable third place on the family cars list, with a test score of 71%. Pros include lots of space inside and great level of safety equipment as standard.

Best for BIG families

7-seaters can be a lifesaver for those with big families, or even those who regularly travel around the country and need extra boot space. Here are the top picks.

  1. Genesis GV80

A test score of 74% sees this one top the list, with special mention of its space and safety.

  1. Mercedes-Benz GLE

72% on the test with 5 stars awarded for performance, comfort and safety.

  1. Volkswagen Touran

Third on the list, the Touran is celebrated for its comfort and strong engines as well as the amount of space. It’s also relatively well priced.

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Best for city cruising

If you’re looking for something nippy for frequent, quick trips around the city, we’ve got just what you need.

  1. Mini Hatch

You didn’t think there would be a small cars list without a mini, did you? Sporting a 74% test score and minimum of 4 stars across the board for performance and driving experience.

  1. Mazda 2

Next up, the Mazda 2 with a 71% test score and pros including spacious, safe and well equipped.

  1. Suzuki Swift Sport

Finally, with a test score of 69% and strengths in good standard safety features and reliability. It’s also called out as being a entertaining to drive.

Best hybrid

Moving on to more environmentally friendly choices, we have the top 3 electrics.

  1. Kia Soul EV

Kia takes first place with the Soul EV. A very impressive test score of 81%, a generous warranty and a long driving range from a single charge see this one top of the bunch.

  1. Kia EV6

A 79% test score and pros including efficiency, performance and comfort see Kia also take second place, this time with the EV6.

  1. Polestar 2

Taking bronze with a 79% test score, superb performance, high quality feel and safety to boot.

Not quite ready to commit?

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