Handy travel tips for winter weather

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Tuesday 24th October 2023

If you’re heading on a trip this winter, it’s time to start prepping for travelling in harsher weather conditions. Whether you’re visiting family for Christmas, booking an overnight stay to see some festive markets or going on a bigger adventure, you can enjoy a fantastic holiday if you plan ahead.

In this guide, we’re sharing some quick tips to help you make the most of your winter holiday.

1. Think about your itinerary in advance

One of the best parts about a holiday is getting it booked and the excitement of planning your trip.

Are you planning an outdoor adventures or city exploring? Understanding what you’ll be doing during your trip will help you to pack the clothing and accessories you need.

If you have a list of attractions or destinations you want to visit, make sure you check out the opening hours for the winter season. Some attractions operate reduced opening hours through the winter, so you can plan your days around the places you want to see.

2. Pack light

You might think fluffy jumpers are a must-have for the winter weather. But if you’re heading on your holidays, they’ll take up a lot of room in your suitcase!

Instead, feel the benefit of layering clothing and pack a selection of lightweight thermals instead. You’ll need a base layer made from moisture-wicking materials such as merino wool, a snug yet breathable mid-layer and a weather-proof outer layer to protect you from the elements.

If you’re travelling locally or by car, consider travelling in your bulkiest items of clothing, such as your winter coat. Stuff your pockets with accessories like your trusty gloves, hat and scarf too to keep space in your case free.

3. Plan for evenings in

Fine weather for a dusky walk or an evening exploring the nearest city isn’t always guaranteed during the winter months. So, whether you’re staying in a hotel, cabin or campervan, it could be worth planning ahead for a cosy night in. Travel board games or puzzle books are a must-have, with colouring books for the kids.

4. Prepare winter essentials

While a dusting of snow might seem magical, it can be treacherous if you’re travelling by car this winter. Make sure you’ve prepared all the necessities including:

  • A portable power bank
  • First aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Torch
  • Reflective warning signs
  • Battery jump leads
  • Water in an insulated bottle to prevent freezing
  • A selection of high-energy dry foods (such as granola bars or nuts)
  • A snow shovel
  • De-icer

Our winter driver’s guide contains even more tips on how to look after your car this season.

5. Give yourself time

The harsh weather may inevitably cause delays, whether you’re hit by cancelled trains, delayed flights or traffic jams. Don’t add to the stress by booking lots of things with a tight turnaround on the day you’re travelling.

Aim to set off early, too. It’s never a good idea to leave the house in a rush – but particularly not in the winter. Allow a bit of breathing room to check you have everything you need, to defrost the car if needed and to double check flights or trains are operating on time.

6. Don't skip your holiday admin

Travel insurance is an absolute must-have – particularly if you’re travelling over winter when plans are more likely to be disrupted. It might not be fun to research insurance but you’ll thank yourself later if you do need to put your travel insurance to good use.

It’s also a good idea to look into getting a travel credit card if you’re heading abroad. This will give you access to the best exchange rates, so you won’t waste as much money when swapping currencies.

Do you have winter wanderlust?

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