How to make a small garden look bigger

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Luke Hilton

Luke Hilton is a Warrington-based email content writer and designer in the financial services industry. He enjoys mixing analytics and creativity and can usually be found with his head buried in stats, piecing together the patterns that make good content. In his spare time, the drive to figure things out continues with what can only be described as a love-hate relationship with DIY. With a keen love of the outdoors, Luke is usually up a mountain somewhere or in his garden growing his own oasis.

Thursday 23rd March 2023

With warmer weather on the horizon, chances are you can’t wait to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Don’t worry if your home’s outdoor space is on the smaller side, though. There are loads of ways you can give the illusion of a more expansive garden.

We share 9 of our favourite tips to make your garden look bigger in no time…

1. Mirror, mirror...

Did you know you could make a small garden look bigger with mirrors? It’s a classic illusion, but it really works. Whether you opt for one or two large mirrors tucked into the corner to reflect the most beautiful spot (such as a flower patch or water feature) or install a large mirror to cover a whole side, you can soon give the impression of a much bigger space with a bit of reflective trickery.

2. Choose a colourful fence

Your choice of fence paint can make a garden look bigger. Opt for a light, pale shade of your favourite colour whether that be blue, green or even pink. If you prefer a more neutral colour, a light grey fence could also help to make your garden feel more spacious.

Avoid dark, gloomy colours that could make the space feel enclosed and cramped. Same goes for dominating bright colours. You want your garden to be your very own tranquil haven and painting your fence a neutral, light shade could do the trick.

If your garden is unusually small, it’s a wise idea to avoid making a feature of your fence altogether. Instead, bring your garden’s boundary into the design by creating a stunning living wall or allowing climbing plants to add natural style to the space.

3. Go for a garden room

Surely adding a big, standalone structure to your garden is going to shrink your outdoor space? Not necessarily. A garden room or urban pod can be cleverly designed to make your garden seem more spacious. By slotting it at the bottom of your garden, tucked in by bushes and flowers, you can add a whole new property extension without it overwhelming your outdoor space.

An outdoor shed could also be a good idea. Instead of leaving your garden tools and furniture scattered about or crammed into an unsightly storage box, you could tidy up your space in no time by packing your equipment into a chic wooden shed instead. Don’t forget to add some hooks and shelves to maximise space.

4. Divide your space into zones

If you have enough room to create separate zones in your garden, this is a great way to give the illusion of more space. Use partitions, a box hedge or garden furniture to divide up your garden into distinct areas. A veg patch growing at the bottom of the garden, a decked area for al fresco dining or a kids’ play area could add such a lot to any space.

5. Decluttering is key

A neat and tidy space always looks bigger. From pots and planters to water features and outdoor beanbags, having a whole host of garden décor scattered about the place is bound to make it feel busy. A good old clear out could soon make your garden feel much bigger simply by getting rid of the things that don’t add to the space. Why not minimise to maximise?

6. Let the outside in

Your home is an extension of your garden, and vice versa. A stunning conservatory or kitchen diner with doors that open out onto your garden both maximise your chance to enjoy the benefits of your garden without even needing to leave the house! Of course, adding a conservatory to your home will naturally encroach on your garden but it will give you a more flexible, multi-purpose space.

7. Choose your garden décor wisely

While it’s a good idea to declutter, you don’t want to end up with a completely empty space either. A selection of statement garden items will stand out and add texture. Think big, bold flowerpots or a trellis panel to grow gorgeous climbing plants.

8. Level up

Different levels add layers of intrigue to the space. If you can, add steps leading to a separate area of your garden – maybe a mini wildflower meadow or a seating area. Creating different levels in your garden might not be a DIY job, but it will create a more interesting and diverse space.

9. Go light and bright

The best gardens are designed to help you relax and feel at one with nature. A shadowy, dark garden is never going to bring out the best in your space so it’s worth investing in ways to let some light in. You could swap dark plant pots for metallic versions that reflect natural light, install lightly coloured paving stones, add some pale yet colourful flowers and adorn your fence with outdoor fairy lights to create a bright and beautiful space.

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